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Remote Energy Healing Session

Remote Energy Healing Session

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How Remote Healing Works

Complete the information requested on this page, and purchase your session. When I've received your information I will schedule your healing session and provide you with the date/time. Your session will last 30 to 60 minutes. We do not meet during the healing session. Working completely offline means that anyone can receive healing regardless of their schedule, family/work commitments, geographical location, or time zone. You may choose to meditate or rest during the time your session is scheduled or you may simply continue with whatever you had planned for that time.

I use various techniques to provide a healing session remotely. I select the appropriate healing methods for your situation intuitively -- types of healing you may receive include:

  • Removing blockages from the aura
  • Chakra cleansing & repair
  • Extraction of energetic intrusions
  • Crystal healing
  • Pod medicine and healing frequencies
  • Tarot and oracle card healing

What You Receive

When I've completed your healing session, I will send you a summary of the session, including:

  • The types of healing methods used
  • Notable clearing/repair/realignment done during the session
  • Messages I received from spirit during the healing
  • Crystals used during the session
  • "Homework" for you to continue your healing

I will include pictures of any crystal grids, herbs, or other artifacts used during the session, as well as pictures of any tarot or oracle cards used with an interpretation of how they apply to your situation.

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