Dark Love ~ Ritual and Sacred Space Spray

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Another tool for your ritual shadow work. As with the rest of the scented products in the Dark Love collection, this spray calls on the essential oils of Ylang ylang, sandalwood and black pepper for love, grounding, and protection. It's crafted with onyx infused blue moon water from the 2020 Samhain Blue Moon. Very powerful magic.

You can use this spray in three ways:

  • As a room clearing or sacred space spray during ritual work,
  • As a linen or pillow mist to help in your dream time,
  • Or, as a mask infuser spray -- if you're wearing a face mask for a while, sometimes things get a little stale. Put a few sprays on the outside of your mask before you put it on and you'll notice a big difference.

Note this spray contains a small amount of alcohol.

30 ml spray bottle.