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Shamanic Journey Session

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Journeying allows us to connect with our inner truth, to find answers within. During a journey you will discover the most important issues for you to heal, identify the source of the issue, and begin the healing process. 

I'm offering three options for sessions:

  • Remote/in absentia -- in this type of session, we do not communicate directly -- I journey with your higher self and spirit guides and provide you the information revealed during the journey by email. This type of session is very effective since there is no ego involved. It also allows people who live in different time zones or have busy schedules to receive this type of healing.
  • Phone/video -- in this session, I guide you through the journey over the phone of via video call.
  • In person -- you come to my home, where we do the journey in person in my sacred healing space. Available to those willing to travel to the west end of Ottawa once the stay at home order in Ontario is lifted. Covid screening will be done prior to your session and masks and hand sanitizing are required.

You will be given homework after the journey, and I will follow up with you about a week later.

How it works

Complete the information requested on this page, and purchase your journey. When I've received your information I will contact you to schedule your journey (if you choose in person or phone/video) or let you know when I've scheduled your remote journey. Your journey will last 45 to 90 minutes.

Pay what you can

I'm currently offering a tiered pay what you can pricing model for journey work. The remote/in absentia journey has a gift tier option. Priority for these sessions is offered to members of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ communities, to health care and essential service workers, and to those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Those who choose this tier must be willing to allow me to use their journey as a case study to submit to my teacher. Information provided to my teacher is listed further down.

What you receive

If you chose a remote/in-absentia journey, I will send an email summary of the journey which includes:

  • The issue to be healed
  • Some information about the origin of the issue
  • The beliefs the issue caused and how they changed during the journey
  • Information about your spirit guides and any messages they give
  • Crystals and herbs used during the journey (including pictures if applicable)
  • "Homework" for you to continue your healing

I will include pictures of any crystal grids, herbs, or other artifacts used during the journey, as well as pictures of any tarot or oracle cards used with an interpretation of how they apply to your situation.

If you choose a phone, video, or in person session you will receive the information above during the session. I will send you a follow up email with a summary of the session and your homework.

Gift tier - information shared

If you choose the Gift tier, you agree to allow me to share the following information with my teacher:

  • your first name
  • age
  • gender
  • location (city/country)
  • the issue we worked on
  • the beliefs discovered during the journey
  • healing performed
  • homework assigned to you
  • any feedback you shared with me