The Process

Every piece that I make is lovingly and thoughtfully handcrafted in my studio. All the jewellery, decor, and altar tools I make are handcrafted -- some pieces are made by assembling charms and stones, others are made completely from scratch using wire and stones. Aside from a small selection of one of kind pieces which are available for immediate purchase, I make every order when I receive it. Some of the jewellery and decor pieces, such as wire wrapped trees, can take several hours of meticulous work to come to life.

Self care products, incense, herbal blends, tea, and other altar supplies are blended in very small batches so they arrive to you shortly after they've been made.

Jewellery, decor, and altar tools are packaged with an explanation of the symbolism of the finished piece and the components used. Self care products include ingredients lists, instructions for use, and and explanation of symbolism, where applicable.