The Minor Arcana - A Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading

Many people wish they could read tarot cards, but find it an overwhelming to learn. There are thousands of books and websites on the subject, from simple to complex, and every deck has different imagery and interpretations.

I've created this guide for people who want to start learning tarot without having to worry about memorizing card meanings, reading a lot of books, or Googling every card.

Yes, take me to the guide!

All tarot decks have a few things in common -- including numbers, and suits. When you understand the basic meanings of the numbers and suits, you can quickly start reading the 40 numbered cards of the Minor Arcana -- of any tarot deck. The cool thing is that this technique will also work to read playing cards -- you don't need to have a tarot deck to start reading.

What's Included

This 50 page guide covers everything you need to know to get started reading the Minor Arcana cards. Note that this guide does not cover reading the court cards or the Major Arcana. I'm planning to write separate guides to cover these.

This guide includes sections on:

  • the basic structure of the tarot
  • numerology
  • suits
  • combining numbers and suits to understand meaning
  • reading several cards together to understand the bigger story

You also get some bonus material:

  • how to find your life path number
  • relationships between astrology and the tarot
  • quick reference pages on numerology, suits, and astrology -- you can print these and have them handy for readings
  • journal pages to record your thoughts -- you can print and write on these, or fill them electronically
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