Pink Cat's Eye Glass Tree of Life

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This pink cat's eye glass has been wrapped with a tree of life in copper wire and has embellished bail.


  • The pendant is approximately .75" wide by 1.5" long
  • Wrapped in copper wire
  • It comes with a chain that matches the wire, or a black leather or cotton cord
  • You can choose the length of the chain

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I do my best to photograph all products as clearly and accurately as possible, however, colours may appear differently on your screen than they do in person, so please allow for some slight variations. 

About Cat's Eye

Stones are called Cat's Eye when they exhibit the effect of chatoyancy -- a narrow band of light going across the stone that looks similar to the eye of cat. Chrysoberyl has the strongest naturally occurring cat's eye effect, and is the only stone that is referred to as Cat's Eye without additional qualifiers. The stone used in this pendant is a man made glass.  Whether it's chrysoberyl, another stone polished to achieve the cat's eye effect, or a man made stone, wearing cat's eye is believed to help ward off evil and acts as a talisman to protect against unforeseen danger. It is thought to bring wealth and prosperity and/or help people regain lost wealth. It is also believed to enhance intuition and to increase one's psychic abilities and powers of concentration. The properties of the stone will be influenced by its colour.

About the Tree of Life

The tree of life is a mystical and magical tree that is well known in many cultures. It represents our connection to all things -- earth, air, water, fire. In Celtic culture, trees were the centre of all that occurred -- the absence of trees would be the absence of life. In Christian tradition, eating from the tree of life is said to grant immortality. In Norse mythology, the tree of life, or Yggdrasil, binds together all realms of existence. This ancient tree represents our connection to our ancestors and also of our individuality. The stages of a tree's growth through the year mirrors that of the cycle of life, similar to the eternal life/re-birth traditions in many religions.