Blessed Be ~ Heart Shaped Pentacle Amulet

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This silver-toned heart is inscribed with the words "Blessed Be" below a pentagram. This is a very simple but elegant gift for your wife or girlfriend, and absolutely perfect for the pagan, Wiccan or witch in your life.

Make it your own by choosing a chain style and length. 


  • The pendant is approximately 1" wide by 1" long
  • It comes with a chain that matches the charm, or a black leather or cotton cord
  • You can choose the length of the chain

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Blessed Be

"Blessed be" is often used as a greeting by Wiccans -- meant to wish good things for a person. However, the roots of the phrase are from the ceremony of the Five-Fold Kiss, an intimate ritual used as part of an initiation ceremony in some traditions. Whether you choose to use the phrase in greeting or reserve it for ritual is up to you. This necklace is appropriate for everyday wear, to adorn oneself during rituals, or even to use on an altar. The pentagram is one of the most powerful and persistent symbols in human history. It has been important to almost every ancient culture and religion. A pentagram represents our connection to the elements (spirit, earth, air, fire, water) -- in fact, each point of the pentagram represents one of these elements. Spirit is represented by the top point, air and water on the left and right of spirit, and earth and fire on the bottom left and right. Pentagrams have long been believed to provide protection to the wearer. Pentagrams are often seen adorning pagan altars and are frequently used in spells and charms.