Cat & Moon Necklace ~ Animal Familiar Amulet

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This piece of witch jewelry features a silver-toned charm depicting a cat sitting on a crescent moon. This is a great piece of jewelry for that witchy woman in your life, for a cat lover, or for anyone who loves pagan and animal symbolism.

Make it your own by choosing a chain style and length. 


  • The pendant is approximately .5" wide by .5" long
  • It comes with a chain that matches the charm, or a black leather or cotton cord
  • You can choose the length of the chain

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Cat Symbolism


Cats symbolize rebirth and resurrection (because of their 9 lives). Because of their nocturnal nature, they are associated with darkness, magic and mystery (so it's very appropriate that this cat is sitting on the moon). Cats have been idolized, worshipped and feared in many cultures for thousands of years. Cats represent patience and timing of action, independence, curiosity, and a deep connection with self. Felines are often associated with witches as their companions and familiars. The superstition about black cats being bad luck started in the middle ages, when cats were associated with witches, and often persecuted along with their owners. This fear travelled to North America with the Pilgrims, and the fear of bad luck from a black cat crossing your path was cemented in the culture. However, in many places, black cats are considered a symbol of good fortune. As a cat person, I agree, and always try to have a black cat in my house. The moon is a symbol of femininity. The crescent moon, in particular, symbolizes creation, growth and transformation, as well as the release of negative energy. is a sign of fertility and the changing seasons. The moon rules over the zodiac sign of Cancer, and is associated with the goddesses Hecate (the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and ghosts) and Artemis (goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt and the moon).